Map.set_geometry(geometry=None, crs=<Other Coordinate Operation Transformer: longlat> Description: PROJ-based coordinate operation Area of Use: - undefined, text=None, text_delta=(0.01, 0.01), text_kwargs={}, **kwargs)[source]

Adds any Shapely geometry to the map.

If called without arguments, it removes all previous geometries.

geometry: a Shapely gometry object (must be a scalar!)
crs: the associated coordinate reference system (default wgs84)
text: if you want to add a text to the geometry (it’s position is
based on the geometry’s centroid)
text_delta: it can be useful to shift the text of a certain amount
when annotating points. units are percentage of data coordinates.
text_kwargs: the keyword arguments to pass to the test() function
kwargs: any keyword associated with the geometry’s plotting function:
  • Point: all keywords accepted by scatter(): marker, s, edgecolor, facecolor…

  • Line: all keywords accepted by plot(): color, linewidth…

  • Polygon: all keywords accepted by PathPatch(): color, edgecolor, facecolor, linestyle, linewidth, alpha…