Salem is a cat. Salem is also a small library to do geoscientific data processing and plotting. It extends xarray to add geolocalised subsetting, masking, and plotting operations to xarray’s DataArray and DataSet structures.


Salem is at an early development stage and is more a proof of feasibility than a library for “everything you’ll ever have to do with geoscientific data”. There are plenty of more mature tools out there (see What others tools should I know about?). Salem basically reinvents the wheel, but in the way I want the wheel to be. Some might still find it useful: as an addition to xarray, or if you use the WRF model for example.

Get in touch

  • To ask questions or discuss Salem, send me an e-mail.
  • Report bugs, share your ideas or view the source code on GitHub.


Salem is available under the open source 3-clause BSD license.



Experimental - in development


3-clause BSD


Fabien Maussion