Salem is a pure python package, but it has several non-trivial dependencies.

Required dependencies

Optional dependencies

Because not using them is a bad idea

  • pandas: working with labeled data
  • xarray: pandas in N-dimensions

For vector and raster operations

(rasterio and geopandas require GDAL)

For plotting


The very best (unique?) way to install Salem without too much hassle is to install its dependencies with conda and conda-forge:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda install <package-name>

Currently, Salem can only be installed via pip:

pip install salem

If you want to install the latest master:

pip install git+


At the first import, Salem will create a hidden directory called .salem_cache in your home folder. It will be used to download Salem’s demo files and standard shapefiles. This directory is also used by joblib to store the result of slow operations such as reading and transforming shapefiles, or downloading google maps from the internet. The cache should not become too large, but if it does: simply delete it.